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Facemask Finesse

To think it was only in the spring that we could go anywhere mask less. It seems ages ago doesn’t it? Truthfully, I don’t mind wearing a mask. Sure it is inconvenient, but this isn't about is about protecting human life. I am happy to do my part to protect others! The bonus for creatives like me is we get to make something useful with our fabric stash!

I made a Facemask page with all the different readymade masks available in my shops. But, I also wanted to show you a few that I sewed and a few tips I learned along the way.

The basic pleated mask begins with two 7 1/2 inch fabric swatches. (For my adorable nieces, I added a third muslin layer.) Assemble as shown and sew all the way around the edge leaving an opening at bottom to turn right side out.

The elastic shown here is the first method I found for making custom sized straps. This loop method is helpful in a pinch if you do not know the size of the person you are making a mask for.

The next image below shows a second and perhaps better elastic sizing method. Using little rubber sliders found on Amazon, you can re-adjust strap length as needed.

While the first style mask is fine, I prefer the more comfortable fitted mask with adjustable elastic. That's the gray one. This fitted style requires four swatches or a fat quarter of fabric.

For assembly directions...

please view this You Tube video. I am in no way connected to this crafter, but I did find the instructions easy to follow.

The pattern size suggested in the video was very petite..too small for me and I wear ladies size small. I fashioned this template below that may be printed on regular paper. Just trace and cut.

If you are making multiple masks, I recommend making a cardboard template so you do not need to measure every time.

I add a bit of bendable wire to the nose area before sewing closed. Floral wire, aluminum wire, pipe cleaners or paper clips all work nicely. This helps keep your mask in place.

Both mask styles offer protection, but I prefer the more comfortable fitted mask with adjustable elastic.

A beginner can make these and the best part gets easier after you make the first one!

For a pretty mask to suit your style, I have hundreds of Spoonflower fabric designs to choose from!

If sewing is not for you, try an affordable and pretty readymade mask in my other shops. My loving designs are all one-of-a-kind. These pretty masks shown at right are in my Zazzle shop...go straight there by clicking on the image. They might even be on sale!

Visit my Shop page for links.

I hope sharing my efforts to make a comfy mask is helpful. Who knew that such a small thing could make such a big difference in all our lives!

Thank you so much for visiting and I wish you a safe holiday season.

Let's hope 2021 is a happy new year for all!


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