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Lucky Lanterns

Some of my most popular designs to date are in my Japanese Garden Collection. It does my heart good to know others are drawn to the same sense of tranquility that inspires me to create these designs. A fun new offering is these Lucky Lantern ornaments/garland.

Lucky Lanterns Cut & Sew

I love it when an idea is finally made real! These lucky lantern ornaments are sold as a fat quarter of cotton in my Spoonflower Shop. Embellish with beads, ribbons or whatever you wish. Stuff them with fiberfill or potpourri. Hang them as ornaments or use as scented sachets in a closet. This is how I finished mine.

Colorful tassels were found at a local craft store on clearance! For the hangers, matching silk cording was a lucky find on Etsy. The fancy knots were made by watching Youtube videos. The chains, beads and other embellishments were left over from a beading phase. I've had phases with just about every craft medium there is...that's normal, right? I can often find finishing touches for new projects out of leftovers from old projects...and I'm pretty sure that is also very normal.

Many designs in my Japanese Garden Collection work together. The fabric backdrops shown are Floral on White Chinoiserie and Happy Hills Red on Dark Ivory. The design at bottom is Japanese Water Garden Charcoal

Another new design is this Noodle Bowl repeat which could be useful for placemats or a table covering. I added siamese kitties to one bowl because I enjoy adding kitties whenever possible and isn't it just like a cat to try and fit inside a small bowl?

Noodle Bowls

The fortune cookies in the design refers to these fortunes I've been collecting since forever. If there is a rhyme and reason to what I collect, it is either educational or sentimental. These fortunes are inspiring truisms worth "A smile is the shortest distance between two people." One that reads "practice makes perfect" is tacked to my idea board.

Apparently, I never tire of Chinese food! Whether it is to the beautiful far east or anywhere in the world, I hope my designs inspire you to travel afar...when the world opens up once again. It is true..."Travel and adventure will feed your soul in life."

Happy creating!

Debby xo

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