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Gingerbread Birdhouses

If it is true that we are what we eat...then let's eat something sweet!

It seems early to think about gingerbread with Halloween candy in my mouth. But, this is a good time to gather ideas and gifts for the winter holiday season. Hence the timing for this week’s Spoonflower contest theme: gingerbread. Besides, it doesn’t hurt that there is a nice selection of candy available for use as decorations…well that is…if you didn’t give it all away to trick-or-treaters. They can have the chocolate, but I call dibs on the tart candies!

As I chew a tangy sweet tart...I'm reminiscing about the only two gingerbread houses I made in my life. The first was back in the 80’s for a holiday work party. Somehow it ended up being raffled off as a prize and the winner took it to a grade school where kids from different classes were able to snack from it. How cool is that!? This next photo is the other gingerbread house I made for a college class holiday party…in the ceramic studio. (My major was in ceramics.)

As you might imagine, college students are always hungry…particularly when throwing pots on a wheel which is a really great workout by the way. I’ll agree that the decorations are average, but I give myself an A for engineering! That frosted mini-wheats roof was removable to reveal rooms filled to the rafters with treats like m &m’s, pretzels and goldfish crackers. It satisfied many hungry potters!

There is almost a secret ingredient in gingerbread and it is not in the tasty cookie or the sweet candies afixed with royal icing. The magic is in the wonderful memories created in the spirit of sharing. With two successful gingerbread projects behind me, dare I try again?

Yeah, you guessed it...I can't resist. Watching the birds in my backyard gave me the idea to draw

sweet little gingerbread Birdhouses.

I made some quick sketches and notes and then devised a palette borrowing colors I’ve used in past holiday designs.

The next step was to draw various objects like houses, birds, and pine needles digitally until I had all the elements and textures needed. Then it was a matter of putting the pieces together. As always...

my design is filled with LOVE. Because, the world could use more.

This was my entry in the Spoonflower Gingerbread contest...

I'm happy to report that it placed 12th out of hundreds of designs!!

For a sweet encore...

These pretty gingerbread houses were created by my sister Theresa last year. I spot sour patch kids and bottle caps; most excellent choice of candy sis!

She lives fairly close to the Alamo.

Happy baking and creating


THANK YOU for visiting!

Debby xo

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