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Purrfect Muses

Good morning from my studio...or should I say Katie Kitty's studio.

As any respectable cat person knows, felines get breakfast

before you get coffee.

We accept this small sacrifice.

Now, sipping my brew and fully awake at my desk...I am accompanied by Katie.

As you can see, I make her highness as cozy as possible. (That is a sampler using my Beautiful Blooms collection.)

Most days I have several projects in various stages of progress. Projects begin in various ways, but often with sketches on paper.

This is a mixed media sketch of Katie cleverly watching birds from behind the window sheers where she knows they cannot see her, but she can see them. Cats are smart like that.

While it is always a goal to render likenesses when making portraits of people or pets, it is more important to me if I can portray the essence of their personalities.

Sweet Sophie dreaming. Watercolor.

Feisty Katie playing.


Mostly, my girls nap and quietly dream of chasing birds. While in their peaceful slumber...and not moving, this is a good time to make quick renderings. I use my imagination to make the scenes come alive. Later, I can turn these scenes into repeat pattern designs.

My favorite designs are...happy...


I imagine what my cats might say or do...if they were people...which I would never ever tell them that they are not!

I suspect they would swing on trapezes with the greatest of ease...and bake the most delicious kitty treats.

Most certainly they would dress fashionably for any occasion. I even suspect artists like Matisse would have had a stylish French speaking feline hanging out in his studio.

Do your cats have character?

Grab a pencil and paper or a tablet with a drawing app. Sketch your furry friends

...over and over. Once you have the general proportions right, experiment. Make big heads or long bodies. Add details...or keep it simple. Use color to express a mood or style.

I'm certain my cats would do whatever we can do...

with a bit more

"cat-titude"...of course.

Debby xo

Many of the above images link to the shops where they are available as fabric or products.

PS. A little Katie wisdom...

All images copyright Designed by 2019.

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