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Bowl Hugging Time

An easy sewing project to get started for the holidays!

I love coming up with new designs for fabrics. But actually sewing stuff with the fabric is another matter. So, it is great when I find a project that is EASY and FAST and USEFUL. These are like form fitting pot holders that really hold a bowl nicely.

The reversible bowl warmer pattern is found on Wikihow. See link below.

To ensure the bowl warmers are microwaveable, I use the basic cotton ultra from Spoonflower, 100% cotton batting which I find at Walmart and cotton thread. (It is my understanding that polyester will melt in the microwave.) The cotton fabric and batting shrink by about 4%. It is up to you whether you wash your fabric before sewing. I did not wash the cotton first, but I will likely only wash these by hand later anyway. That should minimize any puckering or color fading.

These fit my small bowls perfectly and also fit large soup mugs. They take under an hour to make. Visit my Spoonflower shop and test some pretty fabrics.

You need only two 8in x 8in swatches per bowl warmer. Or purchase by the yard, which is more economical. These make nice gifts!

A shout out to my designer friend Mona for sharing this pattern with me. Thank you Mona! You can check out her unique creativity by searching Mona Harris on Spoonflower.

Sewing projects are more fun when you have a sewing buddy! My sister Theresa recently visited and helped me make some bowl warmers.

She also made this apron with my green banana design printed on eco cotton canvas. I love greenish bananas...not the ripe ones!

Theresa is a cook by profession and she sells decorated cookies locally in her small Texas town. She makes the BEST sugar cookies. Thank you sis for you!!!

This is the front of the new business card I just made for her.

Designed by Debby is now on Instagram! Follow along there to see my newest designs and contest entries.

Thank you for reading.

Have a creative and happy day everybody!

Debby xo

Click Wikihow for the reversible bowl warmer pattern.

P.S. New colorful designs coming to my Designed by Debby shop soon...

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