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One loving design at a time...

Feeling Froggie?

Let me share with you some amorous reptiles created with watercolors.

If you've seen my designs before, you might have noticed they tend to be positive and light-hearted in nature. Sometimes I wonder myself why that is. I've certainly experienced my share of negatives and my life is far from idyllic. Yet, for whatever reason...only happy and loving designs seem to flow from my fingers. One hears all the time how we should create the world we want. So, perhaps that is what I'm doing...creating LOVE and happiness one design at a time. If only the rest of the world could get on board the love train and be happy!

Ribbiting watercolor information!
Watercolors are ribbiting! In the above image, I mention playing with watercolors to gain understanding of opacity versus transparency. Well, it's really more than playing. Gaining an understanding of the qualities of paint helps greatly in understanding how and when to use it. I'm self-taught in this medium and most mediums. The first thing I did was read a lot of books and make those recommended (and tedious) color charts. It may seem like just looking at color charts is enough, but it really isn't. There is so much that can affect how watercolors behave. Like, better brands have more pigment. (Go for professional quality and skip the ones labeled student quality. Mostly I use Windsor & Newton.) Paint flows entirely different on better paper. One has to experiment with the amount of water to get the desired effect. Transparent paints don't layer over the opaque ones. Get it backward and you end up with muddy colors. Making your own color charts is an excellent exercise for learning about the paints...even if like me you don't have the attention span for it.

The chart above shows only transparent colors. I include codes (often found on the tubes of paint) to remind myself which are permanent (A)...meaning they likely won't lift back off the paper. Those with a (G) have granulating sediments which are not the best for a smooth look, but can add textural interest for a more rustic look.

These romantic rainforest frogs are painted with transparent colors.

Rainforest Romance

Here are more froggie themed designs. Each is linked to my Spoonflower Shop.

If you haven't signed up at yet, you might be missing out on exclusive limited time discounts! You also miss out on the fun of commenting on designs and saving your favorites...making them easy to find later. There are thousands of designers there...each with hundreds or thousands of designs. Yep, that's a whole lot of creativity in one place. I hope to see you there! ♥​ Ribbit! ♥ Ribbit! ♥

Thank you for visiting!!

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