The Kiss

“It’s okay to kiss a fool, its okay to let a fool kiss you, but never let a kiss fool you.”

When we imagine beautiful kisses, some of us think of movies and well known heart touching scenes that might include a dreamy Richard Gere. (sigh) Some may recall a wannabe prince whom...after a few memorable kisses...turned out to be a not-so-dreamy toad! Um yeah, I might know one of those. It’s probably not likely anybody considers two goats sweetly smooching in a field of daisies. But that is exactly what I imagined!

For me, inspiration can come from anywhere...a photo, a movie, a place I've been...or my cats.

When I considered this weeks “Goat” contest, I really didn’t have a clue what direction I would take it. Then I saw the sweet face of a white goat, and was reminded of the famous Gustav Klimt painting, The Kiss. (It just happens to be one of my favorite masterpieces. I'll share a little about it later in this article.) Naturally I had to try and recreate the scene with goats. Since “derivative” works are not allowed in the contest, this could not be my entry.

However, I inquired and it’s okay to use it as a coordinate print! Yay! This image above is my contest entry ...called “Love at First Sight” and shows what might have occurred shortly before the famous embrace. A prelude, if you will. Two goats happily grazing in a field spot one another, share daisies and kisses, and it's happily ever after, bah, bah, bah. It could happen! What can I say…I love happily-ever-after stories. And the cool thing about being an artist is I can create as many of them as I want!

You might wonder…why these less than flattering green and yellow colors? The contest entry itself called for this specific limited palette (plus black and white are optional) which everyone had to follow. However, it’s anything goes for the coordinates and so I added my favorite pinks and aquas…which make everything much prettier!

Voting is going on now HERE…for this week's Spoonflower

Goat design contest. There are so many cute entries this round,

so please check them out! Thank you in advance for voting!

The following designs are coordinates in the Goats a la Klimt collection. Samples shown here were printed on luxurious Satin. Clicking on each will open up a window where they are for sale in my shop. It is recommended to order a swatch first as colors may vary with the different fabrics, gift wrap and wallpaper. However, I have to say that even with a few slight color variances, I was very pleased with the colors and detail on satin.

If you’ve browsed my shop or my designs here, you likely noticed a consistent theme...

Soft Pretty Colors,

Feminine Appeal

…and Love.

I couldn't create anything to share with you without that last one in my heart.

This photo is a peek at my idea board which is a huge frame into which I inserted a foam board covered in linen. I can easily pin stuff here like postcards and sketches...for inspiration. The draped green fabric is called Field of Daisies , shown in soft modern jersey.

More new designs will be for sale soon in my Designed by Debby fabric shop, so I hope to see you there. Please sign up for design updates and access to free printable gift cards. I'll be adding more cards soon. If you have any questions or comments, please go to the contact page.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ promised...a little about the inspiration for this collection.

No doubt you've seen this famous painting by Austrian Symbolist Gustav Klimt, titled The Kiss. The masterpiece from the early modern period is dated 1908-1909 and currently hangs in the Osterreichishe Galerie Belvedere museum in Vienna. It is written that Klimt visited Ravenna, Italy at the time and was inspired by the Byzantine golden mosaics found there in the Church of San Vitale. He adds gold leaf to his oil painting to create a similar glow. Notice the angular more masculine shapes on the male outfit next to the soft rounded shapes on the female outfit. The painting brings together styles of both the linear contemporary Art Nouveau style and the organic forms of the Arts and crafts movement.

The image of The Kiss was accessed through

Wikipedia contributors. "The Kiss (Klimt)." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 21 Jul. 2015. Web. 30 Jul. 2015.

For the travelers out there…Venice is a must see, of course. You won’t soon forget the canals, gondola’s, St Mark’s Square and soooo much more. If you happen to find yourself in Northern Italy or taking a cruise along the coast, Ravenna makes a nice day trip or excursion. It’s located just down the coast from Venice. Very little Byzantine work has survived outside of Istanbul. Amazingly, the 6th century Basilica of San Vitale, with many Byzantine golden mosaics has survived virtually intact. This particular fortress-like building with massively thick walls was the inspiration for much architecture across Europe for a time. That is, until flying buttresses were invented to displace the weight of the walls down to the ground. This allowed for thinner and taller walls...without the danger of them falling in on you! And glorious windows could be added to let another kind of glowing light into what became known as the awe inspiring gothic cathedral. Architects were inspired, Klimt was inspired, I am inspired, and now it's your turn. :-)

My friends…I close today wishing you inspired creativity and happiness.

Please remember to share the love because anything less

serves no good purpose! xo

Thank you for stopping by!

Now...go kiss a fool...or a prince...if you can find one.

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