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Hanky Panky!

Ooh la la! So, you are hoping this is about a sizzling love affair, do you?! Unless you count the bacon sizzling in the kitchen (and some of us might) there is no love affair today. However, I am going to express my admiration for pretty vintage accessories. In particular, the lovely Ladies Handkerchief! Today I am sharing an EASY - SEW project idea that is inspired by vintage hankies.

hankies 1.jpg

Even though these little cloth beauties have been replaced by the more sanitary Kleenex for well over half a century, I for one consider them delicate

works of art. And apparently others do as well, because I always find them at local antique stores.

I found this sweet red one at a local antique market.

I’m all for using Kleenex for those less sanitary uses. But why not bring back these lovely little cloth accessories to dry our (happy) tears while watching An Affair to Remember and that adorable final scene from The Wedding Singer! Those two chick flicks get me every time. ...Sniffle.

I've often been told I’m a lot like my grandmother, and I could not be more flattered. She was quite the lady who dressed impeccably, wore pretty hats when they were in fashion, and you can bet there was always a pretty handkerchief like these tucked inside her purse. And it bears mentioning at this point that I opened a card today sent from my Auntie in California. Any guesses for what she might have tucked inside the envelope?? Yes...a hanky! I about fell off my chair. She has no idea I'm writing this...or does she? Maybe she is psychic! Anyway, my love and thanks to her for that thoughtfulness.

hankies 2.jpg

As lovely as these are, my focus today is on...

Pretty Tissue Holders

for disposable tissues. If one suffers from allergies, Gesundheit! needs tissues on hand. And, then there are those times when ladies rooms are fresh out of tissue. That adds a whole new meaning to the expression, bummer!

For all those sneezes and wheezes and tinkles and sprinkles...

you need a pretty tissue holder!

Making a Quilted Tissue Holder is so EASY a beginner sewer can do it!

So let’s get started! You’ll need two 8x8” swatches of pretty fabric, one 8” square of cotton batting and two 8 x 2” strips for trim.

(A fat quarter or three swatches of Designed by Debby fabric is all you’ll need! Clicking any photo will take you to my shop.)


Notice I use contrasting thread color, which is entirely optional.


I used a pattern fabric on one side and a matching plain fabric on the other.


I also used the plain fabric for the trim.


Places edges within the folded trim and pin.


If needed, you can shorten the length to better fit your tissue pack by trimming off one end, restitching it and then zigzagging.


These may be embellished with ribbon, lace, embroidery or whatever you can imagine.

For more fabric options, please visit myDesigned by Debby shop on Spoonflower.

display copy.png

While it may not make sense to carry lovely hankies anymore, a quilted tissue holder is not only practical, but pretty. Besides...They are a nice way to use up some of those swatches...and make thoughtful gifts! Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day! xo

PS. Just added...a new lemon inspired collection called Pucker Up!

See it here!

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