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Gift Wrap (and FREE gift cards!)

When I was little girl, I used to peek inside my mother's gift wrap and card box. She collected all sorts of pretty papers for any occasion. Call me sentimental, but I miss the beautiful graphic art from days gone by. Perhaps that is why my own designs have a softer romantic and nostalgic feel. Admittedly, I too have a collection of gift wraps now, but not cards. Often, a coordinating gift card is not available or I neglect to look for one. I do buy greeting cards, but sometimes they can get separated from gifts. So, to make it easier for recipients to figure out who gave them what...I am trying to teach myself to include matching gift cards. And you, my kind reader, may print your own free gift cards right from this site. Read on to find out how.

Did you know most of my fabric designs are also available as GIFT WRAP and WALLPAPER? Today, I want to share a little about the Spoonflower Gift Wrap. At first I was skeptical because it costs more than typical store bought paper. But considering the vast selection of gorgeous designs available and the following points...I am now convinced it's well worth it! I believe if you try it one time, you'll agree.

- It's available in both glossy and matte finish.

- The colors print beautifully!

- It's thicker than other brands you find in stores (so doesn't tear easily).

- You can use it in fun craft or art projects.

- Makes very nice posters!

- Arrives packaged in a tube and a plastic sleeve for safe storage.

* * * Sign up here for your password* for access to the members only page with

FREE printable gift cards that coordinate with several designs!

(*Your password arrives immediately with my Thank You! If you miss it, just message me.)

A little gift from me to you.

Rose ring with butterfly gift wrap - wix.png

The above watercolor and ink design is called Rose Ring and Butterflies. It's very me! You can dress it up with a frilly wired bow and a silk rose or keep it simple with a white bow. It's perfect for weddings, showers, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion you may have for a ladies gift. The design is also available with a coral background.

Please visit the Gift Wrap Page for more examples.

This next image displays one of the exclusive FREE printable gift cards available to members who sign up here. These cards are also handy for when you sew a nice gift with the coordinating fabrics. The inside is blank so you may use it for any occasion.

Rose ring with butterfly card.jpg

* At present, a limited selection of designs have coordinating gift cards available. Designs in my shop with a free gift card have a notation in the descriptions. Please sign up to see if a design you like has a matching card. If you order a gift wrap that does not currently show a matching gift card, I will be happy to create one! Simply send me a message here. Please allow a few days for a response. Generally, I can create one within the week if I am home.

The best gift we can give is LOVE, but the second best is one wrapped in my lovely designs...I'm pretty sure! ♥ ;-)

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