Up, Up, and Away!

It's that time of year to emerge from our cozy winter habitats and celebrate spring and welcome new wonders. This weeks Spoonflower fabric contest is for "Flying Machines." Still being in a child-like mindset from my last designs...(admittedly, I never stray too far from this mode) I choose to have a little watercolor fun and render some white mice flying happily over a magical Mousetopia! The rule of the day in this happy little place is to fly freely and spread ♥ LOVE ♥ about the land. And, of course traveling mice must send "cheesy" postcards to their mousey loved ones back home.

This is a collage of watercolors and sketches that inspired the final design called Flying Machines Over Mousetania.

I think I might have typed Mousetopia instead. No matter, the mices are not paying attention. Should you wish to vote for your favories and see some lovely new fabric designs, please click this link. Voting is open to anybody and greatly appreciated! There are some very lovely designs as always, so please vote for all the ones you like.

According to eballoon.org, the very first balloon ride took place in 1783 and the passengers were a sheep, a duck and a rooster. I suspect there may have been a mouse in there too! :-) This time of year...if I were a traveling mouse...I might consider the view from above Napa Valley, the Loire Valley

or maybe Tanzania to watch the greatest mammal migration.

Happy Easter wishes to all! Have a fabulous and safe weekend. Enjoy the chocolate bunnies and peeps while I savor the black jelly beans. ;-) xo

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