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Welcome to my new Fabric site and blog! I'm so glad you are here!!

One of my Facebook friends reminds people everyday how... "Love is all there is." Such a simple and honest message from a very special person who inspires me. Jewels wrote a book with that title. It's a beautiful true story of love and caring for her daughter Sienna. Also in her daughters memory, she has created Sienna's Little Free Libraries where folks can take a book and leave a book. It's part of a worldwide organization that promotes literacy and building a sense of community through sharing, creativity and wisdom. How awesome is that?! ♥ Thank you Jewels for letting me share how you inspire me. I begin my blogging journey with this beautiful mother and daughter love in mind because the first fabric I wish to share with you is a baby print. It comes from my heart and I hope in some small way it honors the love of all mothers for their babies.

After many years of creating art in some form or another, I realize that no matter how diverse my style is at times, the art is always from my heart. You may notice that many of my designs include motifs that allude to love and the sweet things in life. ♥ It's kind of on purpose, but really I don't think I could create dark art even if I tried. Nice and flowers and kittens is basically how I roll. And to be honest, it tickles me pink when others describe my work as gentle, sweet, delicate and colorful. I'm inspired by good things and good people...and I adore pink!

Art has always been a passion even during the times it played a smaller role in my life. My newest endeavor is fabric design and I love it! I have a shop on Spoonflower. Items are sold as fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. My goal is to share this latest passion with project and inspiration photos as well as sewing adventures. I'll share some of my other art too. I also hope to feature other creative friends and the good things they do with their art and creativity.

Without further adieu, let's take a look at my entry for the latest Spoonflower Weekly Contest. I don't always enter, but this weeks contest asked for a "Southwest Baby" design. I haven't designed anything specifically for babies, so I felt this was a good challenge.

Southwest Baby

To me, Southwest art brings to mind Native Americans, cave art, adobe buildings and desert critters. It shouldn't be too hard to make those things child-like, right? A perfect excuse to doodle if you ask me! These might be my first stick people since I was a small child. My favorite part of this pattern is the seed bead strings in the background layer...which is available as a separate pattern upon request. Every pattern within a design is a separate repeating pattern and may be available as a separate coordinating print.

How did I do it? Sketches, lots of sketches on paper first and then some on a small tablet. Next, it is a matter of arranging all the bits and editing in Photoshop so that it repeats seamlessly. Working in layers allows me to add a background or keep it plain. View the full Southwest Baby Collection.

Did you know seed beads were not made by the Native American peoples, but they are European in origin and were acquired through trade that began in the early 1800's? Research is something I do nearly every time I create a new design....for both enjoyment and a desire to be accurate. The next image is another version that I thought was a bit busy so didn't enter it. There were so many amazing designs in the contest. There always are and it blows me away! FYI...anybody can vote! That's right, you do not have to join or be a designer. Contests are posted every week on the Spoonflower home page.

southwest baby 6 -wix.png

That's all for now. I've been creating art for many years, but it was a private affair. So, I hope you'll forgive me if it takes time to ease into this. If you have questions, please contact me via Spoonflower. I believe I have comments here turned, so please say hello. Upcoming posts include easy-sew pillows and my very first cut & sew doll that made the top ten in a contest! Until next time, may life treat you kind and the sun shine brightly upon your face. ♥

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