Cheater Quilt Template  

floral quilt
Fill-A-Yard Templates are something NEW offered on Spoonflower.  Now you can drop your favorite designs into a selection of templates for printing.  For this sample, I used a two-yard template with forty eight design blocks that measure nine inches each. 
Templates may only be accessed when you are looking at a collection...either one you create or one created by an artist.  The collection used here is called
 Beautiful Blooms
Other templates allow you to horizontally or vertically split a yard in half.  Another template is sized for infinity scarves.  It takes a bit of time to get it arranged the way you want.  And, you may not  rotate the squares or scale them larger or smaller.  But even with these limitations, I like that it saves me time sewing these together! 
Have I always been so obsessed with flowers?  Um...YES!!  
"Where Flowers Bloom, so does hope"
- Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird Hope Quilt

The significance of flowers to our everyday life may not be evident to some.  The first lady understood how beauty and harmony affected one's well being.  Her legacy is a national beautification project.  If you enjoy history as I do, you may find this PBS documentary on the first lady interesting.  Texas, where she lived, is very proud of it's spring wildflower blooms...particularly the blue bonnets...which are the state flower.  I look forward to drives in the country to take pictures, stumbleupon charming old towns, and eat chicken fried steak.  Ennis, TX is the Bluebonnet case you are wondering.  Now, my flowers are not all that native or wild, but I like to think I'm doing my small part with the whole national beautification thing...virtually.  

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