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Whether you prefer to sew your own or purchase readymade masks, I just might have a design for you.

Fabric Face Masks

What a crazy year 2020 is turning out to be!  Life throws us curve balls and we have to be ready for them.  This time we are facing a serious virus.  Time to put our game face (mask) on.  And let's make those masks pretty while we're at it!! 


According to the CDC, face coverings may protect others from the Covid 19 virus.  Before making any mask, it is a good idea to check the most recent guidelines on the Center's for Disease Control website.


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The caring thing to do is always look out for one another.   Because I care about you, I wear a protective mask.  

family clip.png

I sewed the above masks using cotton swatches, but I must admit I enjoy designing the fabric more than sewing it.  (It’s weird how I have tons of patience for one creative endeavor and practically pull my hair out sitting still for another.)  I only had 1/2 inch wide elastic and cut that down the middle.  Try coordinating fabrics for reversible masks.


3 mask.jpg

These next examples are readymade masks for sale in my Zazzle or Society6 shop!  Designs include some popular patterns like Mice Messages, Opossum Circles, Happy Daisies, Our Brothers and Sisters and Cat-erday in the Flower Garden. 

mask 3.png

Most designs in my Spoonflower shop can be

made available on a readymade mask. 

Just message me with your request.    

Check out several tropical tree patterns in the Aloha! Collection.
Designed by Debby Happy Hills pattern in the Japanese Garden Collection.

Face Mask pattern resources. 

It is a good idea to first check the latest recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control.  I sort of followed a pattern found on the Joann Fabric website.  After some sizing adjustments, I found that using 8 inch swatches works nicely for me.  I did have to use larger pieces for my friend John though.  

There are several good mask making videos on Youtube as well.  This is where I add a disclaimer how I am in no way affiliated with these organizations or responsible for the information they may provide.  I happen to have found them helpful or interesting and share as a courtesy.  Access at your own discretion. 

Until next time...please keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 

Happy sewing!!

Debby xo

masks 1.png
mask 2.png
Dragonflies Classic Orient pattern in the Japanese Garden Collection.
© Designed by Debby 2020.   All rights reserved.
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