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Remember years ago when you grew up in the country and a day might include riding a tractor, playing on hay bales and feeding the chickens? I know I'm not the only one. Funny how time leaves us fondly remember those days...which may not have always been fun. Even shucking corn which wore the hands raw and spreading manure are now comfortably woven into country quilted memories. From time to time, the farm animals I fondly remember show up in my designs. And I make sure they are having fun! My new Piggy Checkerboard Fat Quarter design recalls vintage folk art, but with a nice modern multi-tasking twist. This fat quarter doubles as a placemat and a checkerboard. Now your guests (or peep

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This is where I share the inspiration behind some of my designs. I might even sew a thing or two. Many thanks for stopping by.  ♥ May your day be creative and happy! 
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