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Feeling Froggie? Let me share with you some amorous reptiles created with watercolors. If you've seen my designs before, you might have noticed they tend to be positive and light-hearted in nature. Sometimes I wonder myself why that is. I've certainly experienced my share of negatives and my life is far from idyllic. Yet, for whatever reason...only happy and loving designs seem to flow from my fingers. One hears all the time how we should create the world we want. So, perhaps that is what I'm doing...creating LOVE and happiness one design at a time. If only the rest of the world could get on board the love train and be happy! Watercolors are ribbiting! In the above image, I mention pla

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This is where I share the inspiration behind some of my designs. I might even sew a thing or two. Many thanks for stopping by.  ♥ May your day be creative and happy! 
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