Ode to Cherries...

First…. Let me share a huge THANK YOU with all those who read my last blog and voted for my Pickled Pink fabric design in last week’s Spoonflower contest. I’m happy to share that it was voted into the top ten!! ♥ :-D It’s a real honor to be included among such talent! Cherry Jam…. From time to time I enjoy making homemade jam…particularly since it is super easy and requires no special canning equipment. Because, hey...I'd rather spend time in a studio...and not a kitchen. But...I do get hungry! If you have ever wanted to try your hand at making a basic jam, look up Martha Stewarts Tart Cherry Jam. It’s super easy to follow and there are only three ingredients; cherries, sug

Pickled Pink

Greetings pickle lovers! Admittedly, when I saw that this weeks fabric design contest theme on Spoonflower was Pickles, I did not relish the idea. (My only pickle pun, promise!) But, I see these contests as opportunities to push my creativity and learn new design skills. So, after a bit of sketching and coloring fun, this is the imaginative design I came up with for my entry. I can truly say imaginative because until I considered the dill flower I had drawn the rest from memory. I'm finding the less perfect I make things, the more I am starting to like them! Thats a big deal for a recovering perfectionist. My design is called... “Pickled Pink” and you can vote for it HERE right now! A

Easy Cut & Sew Pillows

Looking to refresh your decor? My Set of three cut & sew bird pillows brings the outdoors indoors. Each pillow has a coordinating reverse design and all three are included on one yard of fabric. They are especially nice and soft in the faux suede...or the cuddly new minky. See instructions below. Inspiration all began with this bird family (pictured below) having such a great time in the bird bath that I had to go find my camera! Months later, I took another look at the photos and decided they would look good in watercolor. But I had my acrylic paints out at the time. That gave me an idea to water down the acrylics on canvas. I'm always trying new techniques. Sometimes it doesn't wo

Showers and Flowers

Welcome Spring! According to grandma and the internet,…(so you know it must be true)...satin pillowcases are better for your lovely little head; less pulling of the hair and skin. The rain is purple because it reminds me of such a cool song. I miss the 80's sometimes! The whimsical Victorian-esque print on the pillow reverse shows just how much fun I can have doodling. When I create, anything and anybody is potential inspiration...including my goofy cats. Both of these designs are available in my shop. With the spring rain come’s glorious flowers! This next image is of a faux suede calendar. The print was created using a floral I painted a few years ago. As you can see, I'm all about

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This is where I share the inspiration behind some of my designs. Many thanks for stopping by.  ♥ May your day be creative and happy! 
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