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Hello!  I'm BASTET, Goddess and Protector of Kittens.  

I know this because my human cat mom told me so.  She created me as a Cut & Sew doll so that

I may inspire children everywhere to care for kittens.  This slideshow is about how I was born.  


I was designed with the three C's in mind...Cute, Cuddly, and Caring.  To keep me company on my kitten care mission, I carry three kitten mummy companions.  They are named after famous Greek Gods.  The orange one is named after the Sun God Ra, the blue one after the Sky God Nut, and the white one named for the Moon God Khonso.  Ra loves to bask in the sun, Nut plays all the time, and Khonso is a little shy.  We are looking after my cat mom's two real-life cats named Katie and Sophie.  They are no longer kittens, but to be purr-fectly honest...I'm not sure they know this!  They are way too cute and playful with just a small amount of "cat-titude."

While Cat mommy takes good care of them, I sit up high in the cabinet and wave my mouse wand of happiness over them too.  She grows catnip in the backyard for them to chew on.  I think it makes them a little silly, like when a human eats too much candy!  They sure love toys...especially little bouncy balls.  A wand with a feather on it is their favorite toy and chasing it is how they keep their purr-fect figures!    

Did you know cats are lactose intolerant?  I get a fur ball just trying to say those words!  "ack, ack!"  That means milk or cheese is really not good for cats.  A few licks of milk as a treat is okay.  But, even if they beg you for a bowl of milk,   please try not to give them one.  They will drink it just fine, but may have a very bad tummy ache later when you are not around.  It's better to give them plenty of clean water and healthy food made just for kitties.    

...yawn... stretch...I need a catnap now.  Cats sleep about twice as much as humans.  Thank you for visiting us! ....purrrrrrr..... the future, Cat mom is hoping to add drawings of my adventures that you may print and color, along with kitty cat games. I can't wait!  She might even create a companion doll for me.  Right now, she is very busy creating hundreds of other pretty designs.  I'm sooooo sleepy, I almost forgot to tell you that your mom (or anyone) can sew an exact copy of me!  Just click on this designedbydebby link to buy the fabric.   I'm in good feline shape, so I fit nicely on a fat quarter (21 x 18in).  I'm especially cuddly made from Fleece fabric.  Mew! Mew!  

© Designed by Debby 2015-2018.   All rights reserved.

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