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Debby: artist, designer, cat mom, and pretty nice person.


A Northerner turned Texan for many years now, Debby received her formal art training at the University of North Texas.  

She returned to school later in life and her collegiate pursuits focused on fine ceramic arts.  She later taught herself how to paint in watercolors, acrylics, pastels and oil.  Her variety and color can most likely be attributed to a long career as a travel professional.  She has been very fortunate to visit and be inspired by wonderful places and cultures all over the world.  Debby has received various awards and her colorful art hangs in the homes of family, friends and acquaintances.  

Hi everybody!  I grew up in the north, but have called lovely and warm Texas home for much of my adult life.  I'm inspired by pretty much everything I encounter from sights, to sounds to color.  My two cats, Katie and Sophie are among my many muses.  Their sassy feline-ness tends to find its way into my art.  For as long as I can remember, I was creating.  I recall a quote by Picasso about how if anybody took his paints, he'd use pastels and if the pastels were taken, he'd use pencils.  No matter what, he would always find a way to keep creating. That's how I feel too.  It's not simply about making pretty pictures.  It's about a feeling or a vision that touches me so I am compelled to record and share it somehow.  Lately, I'm sharing years of bottled up illustrations through fabric design. I love the learning process with each medium and making designs repeat has an added mathematical challenge.  So too, it allows my designs functionality as fabric, gift wrap and wall paper.    


Travel has been a dominant part of my life and is likely why my style is

varied and colorful.  I cannot urge people enough to go boat, train, or plane...even for just a day.  

Getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new people

and places with an open heart and mind is the best creative teacher

I've ever known. My travels have included amazing places like Egypt,

Turkey, China, most of the Caribbean, a few places in South

America, Panama, Mexico, nearly all Western European countries, and

most US states including HI and AL, etc.  My first inkling that the world

was much bigger than the small one I lived in was when I was a child.  

My grandparents traveled and how they enriched their lives by

broadening their horizons inspired me to do the same!   

Thank you for visiting!

Debby  xo


Katie Kitty
Bok Bok chicken
New baby chick.

Please contact Debby if you have any questions or just want to say hello.  She loves to see pictures of items made with her fabrics!  Visit her BLOG to see designs in the works or sewing projects.  Or, browse the Designed by Debby shop page to see the latest designs.  

© Designed by Debby 2020.   All rights reserved.

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